Laura Strong

Sales Agent

Laura Strong is passionate about the role she plays in buying and selling your home. She is committed to the principles she believes in – of listening to her clients, digging into the “why”, searching for solutions that will bring about the very best outcome. Laura understands that for her clients, the buying and selling of property is a life-changing process.

Laura has more than a decade of experience working in almost every facet of the business, from sales to administration, property management and everything in between. She’s a quick thinker and a problem solver, skills she acquired during her fascinating childhood growing up in Fiji where her family had a boat building business. The experience gave Laura a bigger view and when the family re-located to Queensland, Laura’s energy and enthusiasm soon found the perfect career – real estate.

The blossoming city of Newcastle, marriage and a home renovation has seen Laura embrace the possibilities being part of the Premier Estate Agents team present.

“I love that we are not governed by procedures which often don’t take into account the needs of individuals,” she says. “In larger agencies, every sales campaign is the same and must conform to this or that procedure but in my experience that’s not the best for clients. Everyone is different and it’s up to us to listen to our clients and respond to them.

“That’s what I love so much about being part of this agency. It’s professionally and personally satisfying to know you have the freedom to find the right outcome for your people, where they come first.”

Laura says she is inspired by entrepreneurial flair. She respects the courage it takes to launch a business and is a perfect fit for the Premier Estate Agents team.

Laura’s enthusiasm for her career and her clients is matched by her enthusiasm for her own home base. She and husband Tim are eighteen months into the renovation of what she says is her “perfect family home” at Lake Macquarie shared with their two dogs. Laura loves the outdoors and especially anything on the water, from kayaking to fishing to diving.

She says the love of her own home reminds her how important it is that she finds the “perfect match” for the people she works for – her clients.


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